Weaving the Web since 2001, I spent most my time contributing to major projects, either by improving reliability, optimizing performances, coaching development teams, or programming.

Most of my clients are located in Toronto and Montréal areas: Transcontinental Médias, La Presse (La Presse+), Cadbury, Université de Montréal, Infoprix.ca, DataCandy (formerly FanBox), SterlingCard Payment Solutions, Net-Scribe, SOSCuisine, in mixed fields such as transactional and financial applications, content management, geomatics, nutrition, imaging and acoustics.

Agile methodologies, automated testing, quality metrics, standards conformance and continuous integration are tools I use and recommend, in order to build maintainable, reliable, scalable, and high-quality applications.

Zend Certified Engineer Zend Certified Engineer since March 2005

Mad Skillz:

  • PHP, PHPUnit, Symfony, Zend Framework, Doctrine
  • Extreme Programming (XP), Agile, Scrum
  • MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite, MongoDB
  • JavaScript (jQuery, Prototype)
  • HTML5, XHTML, CSS3, XML, XSL, RSS, SEO, W3C standards, WAI
  • Apache, Memcache, XCache
  • OOP, UML, SOLID principles
  • Software Architecture, Database Architecture, Quality Control, Unit Testing, TDD, Continuous Integration
  • Diagnostics, profiling, optimization
  • C, C++, Java

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